The story of

Kerem Meirav Vineyard

On our farm in the biblical Samarian Hills, we planted four red varietals together; a blend from birth. The vineyard is located in a valley where the sun moves directly over from one side to the other giving the vines an even amount of sun. The ancient wine presses that are scattered around the close vicinity of the vineyard, tell the story of our ancestors making wine on these hills thousands of years ago.

We herd our sheep to the vineyard where they eat the weeds and fertilize the soil at the same time. We prune plenty of branches, so that wind can pass freely through the vines and avoid disease. The cold nights and sunny days also make the area perfect for growing premium grapes for quality wine.

The close proximity to the winery and the fact that the winemaker is also the farmer, make the potential for these grapes extremely high.

Kerem Meirav is named after a young mother of three, Meirav Pollack, who helped start the vineyard in her lifetime. She tragically died on a hike in the nature reserve near her house.

Vineyard Info

14 dunams
Soil type
Terra rossa
Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah (Shiraz)
Sustainably Farmed, Low Yield, High Density, Premium

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